We are very rapidly nearing the end of one of my very favorite months, so I wanted to give it its proper due before it slips away from me…

In my memory, the Novembers of my childhood were filled with brisk winds that rattled leafless branches, the most perfectly orange oranges, and hot soup for dinner.

Maurice Sendak, “Chicken Soup with Rice: A Book of Months”

I’m not sure whether this impression is based on real memories or not, as right now my hometown is experiencing balmy 80-degree days! Or maybe it really was colder then, and these temperatures are just a sign of the times…

Either way, I now live in a place where it is legitimately cold in November, so I can enjoy the waning minutes of Autumn to my heart’s delight!

November is home to Movember, Native American Heritage Month, and National Novel Writing Month. In England, it includes Guy Fawkes night, and of course, in America it brings Thanksgiving (more on that tomorrow).

In terms of flowers, its emblem is the chrysanthemum. The chrysanthemum symbolizes compassion, friendship, and abundance, and according to traditional Feng Shui beliefs, it will attract good luck, love, laughter, and balance to your home.

Chrysanthemum Kimono Ensemble, Japan, Taisho Period (1912-26), The Metropolitan Museum of Art

William Morris, Chrysanthemum Wallpaper Design, 1877, William Morris Gallery

{I love it when a certain theme is apparent in the art of several different cultures! Flowers do seem to hold a special place in the art and design worlds…}

So maybe you should treat yourself or a friend to some chrysanthemums this week, and I hope that the rest of your month is full of happiness!


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