the most wonderful time of the year

Happy Saturday night! I hope you’re all having lovely weekends, and that you Americans are enjoying the last couple of days of your Thanksgiving long weekend.

Thanksgiving was never really a big deal in my family. My British Dad spent a lot of time regaling my brother and me with stories about how closed-minded and destructive the Pilgrims were, and no one in my immediate family had any interest in football. I did enjoy the extended holiday, though, and spent most of the time off from school preparing for Christmas!

Now Christmas is a holiday I could always get on board with! I love the decorations, the music, the lights, the food… pretty much everything. I’ve just booked my flights to return home to LA for the holidays, leaving behind the potential for a real White Christmas in Toronto. But Christmas, like home, is where the heart is, and it never truly feels like my favorite time of year unless I’m in my parents’ house in Pasadena.

I bought a bunch of evergreen branches the other day, and have been decorating my apartment since. The smell of pine, plus the pumpkin pie I baked, is really putting me in the festive mood! It also snowed for about 2 seconds here today, so all in all, I’d say Christmas really is… all around me…


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