there’s a vegetable in my tea!

photo by Jo Rosenblum

I work from home most days, and whether I’m arranging flowers, blogging, or working on some other project, I never go too long without a cup of tea! Maybe it’s my British ancestry kicking in… One of my new favorite discoveries is David’s Tea, which has become hugely popular since it first opened in Toronto in 2008. As I don’t tend to sweeten my tea, I like interesting flavors, and David’s rises to the occasion!

Today’s musings:

When you really stop to think about it, the craze for vegetable-laced coffees and teas is kind of amusing… Don’t get me wrong, I love pumpkin and I’m mightily pleased that pretty much everything this time of year includes it! But now that the pumpkin spice latte is practically an institution, it does seem that the vegetables are invading all manner of comforting warm drinks.

Check out the ingredients of two of my David’s teas:

The Pumpkin Chai includes squash and carrots…

And along with apples and nuts, the Forever Nuts features beetroot!

I’ve got a date with a friend to try pumpkin hot chocolate on Saturday, so I’ll let you know how that goes…


2 thoughts on “there’s a vegetable in my tea!

  1. This David’s tea you speak of…. I’m curious… where did you first hear about it and experience it? Cite your sources, lady!! 🙂 xo

  2. I apologize profusely, random commenter! I was introduced to David’s Tea by the classiest, loveliest, most charming lady, who served it to me while sharing her illicit Downton Abbey episodes with me… 😉

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