One of a Kind Christmas Show

Last night, I went to the One of a Kind Christmas Show/Sale at Exhibition Place. Getting there was quite the frustrating experience (due to my own stupidity, I’m ashamed to say…), but once I arrived, I enjoyed seeing all the amazingly imaginative and inspiring items! The Direct Energy Centre is massive, and, luckily, there are many many food Artisans jumping to hand out delicious samples. In fact, as the food for sale is rather unfortunate and highly overpriced, I would recommend focusing your attention on theses samples!

Now I’d like to share some of my favorites from the show. There are hundreds of amazing Artisans whose work is on display and for sale, and this is just a tiny sampling of what you can see for yourself if you check it out. The last day is Sunday, so you better hustle!


I was introduced to the brains behind this operation, Lia Fagan, by a mutual friend. She specializes in restyling (upstyling, really!) vintage lamps. She finds interesting bases and creates new shades for them. The moose print is definitely my favorite!

IMG_0298Check out more of her pieces at Mod Pieces


Direct from Prince Edward County, this honey/candles/tea/soap… emporium is run by Bay Woodyard and Gavin North (aren’t those just the greatest names?!). The candles were lovely and smelled heavenly, the cinnamon honey was out of this world, and the hand-drawn illustrations on the tea bags were enough to make me want to buy the lot right on the spot!

IMG_0304Discover more at Honey Pie Hives and Herbals


Ok, I have to admit that the nautical decor is what attracted me, but the mouthwateringly amazing almond cake compelled me to stay and chat with Kelsey Hoy about her bakery.

IMG_0299She doesn’t seem to have much information on her products out there (well-kept secret!), but here is the link to her artisan profile on the One of a Kind website


With a focus on environmentally-conscious materials and production methods, this Toronto-based company creates understated and delicate printed textiles. As they say on their website:

The inspiration for our drawings are simply things that bring us joy.

Sounds to me like the best kind of inspiration!


IMG_0311The lobster! The snowshoes! The boats! Seriously the coolest tea towels.


I do love me a good greeting card, and these ones are gooooood! Though her booth was one of the most highly-trafficked ones there, the proprietor was very sweet and patient with my friend and me as we gushed over her products and display techniques.

IMG_0316You can see more of her work here.


I think these little dudes speak for themselves. Just awesome.



IMG_0323-001Look at the aliens in the spaceship! Love it.

You must go to the website, even if it’s just to enjoy the home page image! You won’t regret it.


This is one of the last booths I saw, and my feet were feeling the effects of my rather long day at this point… But these illustrations and lithographs charmed me


I especially loved this one:


“Nine Reasons to Smile” (my favorite reason? old houses with old secrets) More from this multi-talented Artist here


Again, the show ends in 2 days, so scoot your tookus on over there!


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