Happy Wednesday! Halfway through this week and one day closer to the weekend (incidentally, the weekend 3 weeks before X-mas…)

If you live in Toronto, I strongly recommend moseying on over to Chococrepe on Queen St. West for some hot chocolate…

2012-12-01 14.06.27

I was there on a particularly frosty day last weekend, and decided to sample the pumpkin HC… Seriously amazing! Not particularly “pumpkin-y” but very chocolate-y with just a hint of cinnamon spiciness. Made with melted dark Valrhona chocolate and almond milk, I’m tempted to say it was the best I’ve had in a long time {possibly ever!} And they have several other flavours, too! I shall most definitely be returning in the very near future….

If you don’t live in Toronto, or if you just need a little giggle to help you get through the week (wherever you live), here’s an article about Yoko Ono’s new fashion line for Opening Ceremony………..

You will not regret clicking on that link, I promise.

And who knows? Maybe it will give you some present ideas for that guy who just seems to have everything!



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