afternoon in the park

Toronto has had some crazy weather the past few weeks, and this week really takes the cake… Tuesday’s high was 17, and  yesterday it barely reached above 0!

I’m trying to take advantage of what I assume will be the last lingering days of non-frigid temperatures, so one day, I went on an excursion to High Park. It’s easy to appreciate the vibrant colours of the flowers and trees in the Spring and Summer, but I also like the understated and muted tones of Fall and Winter. The late afternoon sun added something quite special, too. Hope you enjoy these photos!

2012-11-22 15.03.29

2012-11-22 15.21.29

2012-11-22 15.24.38

2012-11-22 15.27.51

Can you spy a new friend in the above photo?

2012-11-22 15.33.01

2012-11-22 15.35.31

2012-11-22 15.47.02

2012-11-22 15.49.39

2012-11-22 15.50.00

Look at these incredibly vibrant flowers I found!

2012-11-22 15.51.45



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