no place like home… for the holidays

So I arrived in LA several days ago, and have been scandalously busy since then! Working, babysitting, wrapping presents, trying to fit in time with friends… It’s been kind of crazy, and I’m looking forward to the next couple of days, which should be much more low-key and relaxing.

When I got home to parents’ house, I was greeted with a barrage of cheery decorations — My mom had certainly been busy, and the house looks like the spawn of Pinterest! They already have quite a lovely home, and the addition of evergreen boughs, mistletoe, red ribbons, and lots of sparkly doo-dads only make the place seem that much more welcoming and festive…

IMG_0592The early morning sun beaming in through the windows


Check out the bicycle! I love that my mom and I share a whimsical sense of humour…


This is a “Merry Christmas” garland I made several years ago. She dug it out of the [hundreds of] Christmas decoration boxes and hung it between two light fixtures…


The wood chest, outside on the patio and crowned with an Ikea lamp and succulents… We may not have white Christmases, but in my humble opinion, you really can’t beat California in the winter!


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