Hvert ertu að fara?

I hope you all had a bright and sparkly New Year’s celebration, and that the first 3 days of 2013 have brought you happiness!

My feet have been particularly itchy lately (in no way am I referring to some sort of nasty medical condition, but rather to a euphemism for a strong, almost irresistible impulse to travel), so I decided to start a new series in which I share photos from previous trips. It’s difficult for me to narrow down the (literally) thousands of pictures I’ve taken while travelling, so I’ll try to only share my very favourite ones!

So, I’m going to start with Iceland, which I visited several summers ago and found to be a truly remarkable and entrancing place. While there, I found it quite easy to see why so many Icelanders believe in the existence of various magical neighbours (according to the Icelandic Elf School, there are 13 different kinds of elves living alongside humans!)

[Also, that school looks awesome — Any tour that ends with coffee and pancakes is a-ok with me!]…

Ready? Ok, sit back, relax, and Let’s go exploring!







These birds? Not my friends… *


These sheep? Definitely not my friends…. **








*** For full details on my highly embarrassing interactions with the various animals of Iceland, please message me privately…


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