I’ve been a busy busy bee since my return to Toronto last week! This past weekend felt like Spring, which was nice, but also kind of mean… Especially since Monday brought a return to frigid, sub-zero temperatures…

Spring is still a loooong way off, but I’ve bought myself a Hyacinth that at least makes my apartment smell like that highly-anticipated season, even if the weather refuses to cooperate for several months yet…

One of my activities on Saturday was a flower-arranging class at Foglie, a charming flower shop on St. Clair West, taught by Co-Owner Lily Contento. I was invited to come along by some very dear friends, and we had a pretty great time!


IMG_1064Fingers crossed 2013 really is the Year of Love and Dreams Come True!

We learned how to make bouquets, which I was thrilled about, as I had wanted to practice them over the vacation and hadn’t had a chance! Super convenient.

I thought I’d share some of the photos I took during the class, as well as some of the final products


My “nest” of leaves, which formed the base for my bouquet….




Flower arranging is a messy business….



My lovely friend Talia with her lovely bouquet…


…And working hard in the shop!


A couple of finished bouquets, tucked into their travelling boxes for the trip home


It really was a highly enjoyable class, and there were participants of every skill level imaginable.

I’d recommend checking out their schedule!


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