Avenue & Davenport

Unlike Los Angeles, Toronto doesn’t have a flower market. So, I’ve been exploring the flower-purchasing opportunities in the city, which basically consists of super-overpriced arrangements in flower shops, somewhat-overpriced bouquets in supermarkets, and relatively reasonably-priced (depending on the neighbourhood) make-it-yourself options in convenience and corner stores. Obviously, I tend towards the last, for several reasons.

1) Cheaper. Always good.

2) These little corner stores often actually have the best selection.

3) They sell bunches the same flowers, so I can pick and choose what I like and then arrange them when I get home.

There’s a block in the city where there are 4 flower shops in a row, and this is affectionately referred to as the “flower market” of Toronto… I decided to check them out this week, because I had a very special arrangement to make for a friend’s birthday.

Well, I wasn’t super pleased with the prices of 3 of the 4, but the last one was acceptable. Certainly not the kind of haul I could expect from wholesale shopping, but I did get some pretty neato flowers, AND they didn’t freeze on the way home! Win-win!





I used purple cabbage, light pink tulips, and reddish-orange kangaroo paws, and arranged them in a Le Creuset mini cocotte



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