Tales from a Delinquent…

So, it’s been a crazy couple of weeks, full of various emergencies and illnesses, but while it may seem like I have abandoned my Buds, I assure you it’s just not true!

I hope you all had an absolutely lovely Valentine’s Day, however you spent it! As I’ve been sick this year, I wasn’t nearly as busy as I’ve been in the past on this massively flower-oriented holiday. So, I’ve decided to share some photos from last year, as you haven’t seen them yet anyway!

I was commissioned to make small arrangements for all of the employees in an office, and I decided to do them in coffee cups (I found them in the dollar store!) I baked heart-shaped cookies and tied one onto each cup as a sweet little finishing touch.


(I kept one of the chicken cups for myself… For some odd reason, I like things with chickens on them…)



Although V-day is over now, I still think you will all benefit from taking a little look-see at these Arrested Development Valentines. Because, really, AD is always timely and appropriate for all occasions!

Also, I came across this website a couple of weeks ago, and I think it deserves a bit of a shout-out. The World Needs More Love Letters is a movement that focuses on human interaction, through the medium of letter-writing. In their own words:

We’re going to tell you that we write and mail love letters, handwritten love letters, to strangers in need all over the world. We’re going to invite you to request a love letter for someone in your life who needs one. And we’re going to insist that you step out of your own shoes of Comfort & join us. You are going to think we are a bit crazy. A tad loopy. But you’ve been looking for a website that leaks love all this time… so we aren’t worried you’ll leave us.

The cracked parts of your own story & how you can use them to lift someone else. It’s about the stranger enveloped in sadness. The chance to pull off Twitter & step away from your networks to turn your best love letter into a lamp… a lantern… to light the path of someone who needs to read it tonight.

So learn the art of love lettering today. Join our subscriber list to never miss a letter request. Share your commitment and get your friends + family on board.

I highly recommend checking out the site! Maybe you’ll be inspired to write to someone who just needs a little reminder of the love that exists in the world!



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