pop-up wedding

In honor of my friend Amanda’s birthday today, I’ve decided to share photos from her DC wedding in April (#belatedisbetterthannever #dontjudge)


Amanda + Gilbert live in Washington, D.C., and there’s a pretty big chance that you’ll see at least one of them in the White House someday (I’m rooting for a Pres-VP husband-wife/wife-husband ticket). They decided to celebrate their marriage during the cherry blossom festival on the Potomac, in a pop-up ceremony attended by close friends and family


When Amanda asked if I would do the flowers for the wedding, I was flattered and pleased, as expected, but also SO excited, because Amanda and I always have such adventures together! After much discussion and numerous hours of pinning to our shared Board (My Best Friend’s Wedding), the consensus was that the flowers should appear to have been plucked fresh from an obliging field (we share an affinity for #colonelbrandon )

Amanda and I woke up before dawn on wedding day, and trooped out to a wholesale flower market on the edge of the city. After just one small mishap concerning some horrifically overpriced peonies, we had a huge bundle of pink, white, and green posies, and headed back to the hotel room as the sun rose over the city to work some quick magic!


By the time the photographer arrived in the bridal suite to take the “getting ready” shots, I was still scrambling to finish the bouquets, boutonnieres, and table arrangements, and didn’t look even remotely presentable. I had not even begun to think about getting myself ready… With some help from the other bridesmaids, we managed to finish everything in time for me to throw on my dress and attempt to tame my hair (from the photos, apparently I did not succeed at this …)



Just FYI -- this is not me. Her hair looks lovely

Just FYI — this is not me. Her hair looks lovely

Doing the flowers for a wedding for which I was also a bridesmaid was a bit of a challenge ( #majorunderstatement ) but I’d do it again in a heartbeat for these two!


Amanda + Gil’s wedding was featured on Mahogany Chic’s DC Street Chic Blog – check it out!

***Most photos (the fancy ones) taken by George Street Photo & Video but some taken by me


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