stick a flower in it

I enjoy arranging in different kinds of containers, and I especially like using things that can be re-used once the flowers are too faded/droopy to be considered beautiful anymore (to each his/her own). Vases are all well and good, but why not try a mini cocotte?



I made this arrangement recently for a Bud who enjoys gardening and cooking. In addition to peonies, dahlias, and safari sunset, I used artichokes and peppers!

**Please note that, it’s best if the arrangement does not use florist’s foam (the green sponge-y stuff that you stick the flowers in) if the intention is to re-use the container for anything edible. I’ll do a post soon that explores the various other options that can help your flowers stay where you want them in whatever vessel you choose to use (oh, the possibilities are endless!)


Packaged and ready for delivery!


I bought a whole bunch of containers at a thrift store last week, and one of my favorites is a metal cake tin shaped like a fish!


This is my hand holding the arrangement above my head so I could get a clear picture of the fish (instant arm workout built in, I might add). Obviously, unless this is displayed on a high, clear glass shelf, it’s difficult to see the fish. Under more normal display circumstances, it looks like this:



… Pretty typical (albeit fairly attractive, if I do say so myself) bunch of flowers. Display it in your entryway, and all your friends/delivery people will compliment its loveliness. But then you lift it up for them and…. BAM!


This kind of thing makes me happy. 🙂

**In reference to my earlier note, I want to clearly state that I did use florist’s foam for the fish. The pan is very shallow, so it would be difficult to create any kind of arrangement that didn’t make use of this tool, and I’m not planning on baking a cake in it (Not really planning on baking a cake in anything, actually… But I do like cake… Hmm… I’ll arrange some flowers for you if you bring me a cake?! Deal?)

Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend! I’m looking forward to receiving multiple cake deliveries!


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