my favorite

While wandering the winding ways of South Park the other night, I was caught off-guard when I suddenly smelled my absolute favorite scent — pink jasmine (jasminum polyanthum, for you Latin folks out there). I spent 5 minutes searching for the source among the tangled front gardens of neighborhood homes, until I discovered the overgrown vine… And promptly buried my face in it.

After work the next day, I drove straight to the nearest nursery (luckily, there are quite a few to choose from in San Diego, but Evergreen Nursery was the most convenient), and bought my own 5-gallon plant.

photo 4

photo 3

I’m so happy!

Incidentally, I did a quick google image search for pink jasmine, and thank goodness I did (!), because this fortuitously entered my life:

"Jasmine", illustrated by Roger Duvoisin (1973)

“Jasmine”, illustrated by Roger Duvoisin (1973)

I found it on a fantastic blog called My Vintage Book Collection (in Blog Form), and it appears to be about brightly-colored barnyard animals wearing fabulous hats… So basically the best book ever.


I think I might need to find a copy for myself….

photo 5

My room smells like Heaven. Good night.


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