real talk

I’ve been musing today on the kinds of things I write on this blog — the stories I compose, the photos I carefully select — and I started to think about blogs themselves, and the way each of us chooses to represent ourselves publicly. Generally, I like to focus on the positive side of life, and so I tend to use this platform to feature pretty pictures and magical, uplifting stories. I have a regular, daytime, 9-5, workaday job. Hey, Bud! is in many ways my escape from that at this point, in the sense that it is my creative outlet. Arranging flowers is how I decompress, and blogging has thus far been an extension of that.

But my goal is to make Hey, Bud! my main occupation. I honestly believe this is the best move for me, but I’m certainly not naive enough to think that every day will be sunshine and rainbows… Building a business is hard work, and when you’re doing it yourself, it can be frustrating and demoralizing and exhilarating and lonely and wonderful and exhausting! It’s also an incredible way to reflect yourself, the self you want to be and your true self; the way you see the world and the way you want the world to be, in a way that also strips you bare and exposes you to the cold. But sometimes a blast of cold air is invigorating! (sometimes it isn’t — please see my entries from Life in Toronto) And I want you to know the real me. Maybe not all of the real me, but an accurate representation of Julia Long, Florist (, etc). I’m going to start by posting a picture of myself. Until now, I’ve been hesitant to do this. Not sure why, really… Maybe some antiquated notion of professionalism or self-preservation… But that’s not who I am! I’m cheerful and warm and friendly, and I think it’s time for a little more of my personality to be injected into this blog.

This is me:


In this picture, I am very happy, very cold, very tired, and very much myself

Flowers are beautiful things, and I’m pretty sure that you like to look at them just as much as I do. I’ve been focusing on showing you that aspect of what I do. But Hey, Bud! is a fledgling business just like any other, and there are issues and complications that I deal with while trying to grow it that don’t have anything to do with arranging sweet-smelling bouquets in a sun-dappled room while drinking tea. (On the other hand, I do do those things as often as possible, and I promise to still show lots of pretty flower pictures! In fact, here’s one now:)

I’m going to expand the use of this blog to include the down ‘n dirty secrets and realities of starting a viable business. My experience won’t be identical to others’, but it will be my experience, and I’d feel so honored if you would experience it alongside me. I believe in Hey, Bud!, and I believe in my own abilities. I think I can make it. I will most definitely make mistakes, but anything that doesn’t work out won’t be because I didn’t try.
And hopefully, you’ll come along for the ride, because it’s much nicer to have company on long journeys!

Let’s get busy (LOVE this song!)

2 thoughts on “real talk

  1. Hey Bud,
    In that picture, not only are you fabulous, beautiful, silly, (always freezing), and but you’re also holding one of your own GORGEOUS bouquets! And very tired because you are a very good friend who woke up at stupid o’clock to source flowers for my wedding.

    Love you. Love your flowers. Love that you make the world a more beautiful place both through your work and your energy.

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