V-Day, Part I

Good morning, Buds! I hope you’re all basking in the warm afterglow of Love Day! I’ve decided to split my Valentine’s Day post into 2 sections. The second will include lots of the photos from yesterday, as well as some expanded stories behind the little glimpses you saw on twitter…

In this, the first post, I’d like to express some of my thoughts about the holiday that was celebrated yesterday. Thank you for reading, and definitely come back for the photos later!

Reflections: To be honest, I’ve always felt a bit uneasy about Valentine’s Day… Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the mentality behind this holiday, but the pressure associated with it has always made me uncomfortable. It paints love as something that needs to live up to a manufactured idea of perfection, and to prove itself in a single 24-hour period. Love is all kinds of perfection, but there is not one single kind of perfect love. I believe there is at least a small part of each of us that enjoys being carried away by lovey-dovey schmaltziness, but each individual expresses that in a different way and in varying degrees. Everyone has their own conception of the “perfect romance”, and that’s what’s so exhilarating about finding that “perfect” person for you! I’ve never liked the phrase “nobody’s perfect”. In reality, everybody is perfect, because the idea we have of perfection should really be expanded to include so many more facets. That goes for conceptions of people as well as experiences, and the “perfect” Valentine’s Day is no exception. The idea of a date that requires me to dress up all fancy (but also sexy), get picked up by a guy carrying 2 dozen red roses and go out to an expensive dinner with wine pairings and chamber music playing makes me want to pull on my most capacious sweatpants and crawl back into bed. It’s not an appealing situation to me, BUT it’s the ideal date for quite a few others!

The focus on making Valentine’s Day flawless seems to be a classic example of not seeing the forest for the trees. This is a day devoted entirely to expressing love in all its forms, and that is a forest I can get on board with! Bring on the candy and the flowers and the smiles and the kisses! BRING IT NOW! On V-day, I try to show the world all kinds of unconditional love, whether that means baking cookies for your significant other or picking a bouquet of wildflowers for your mom, taking a dog for a walk or smiling at strangers on the street, letting someone merge in front of you on the freeway or surprising your co-workers with coffee and bagels. And let’s PLEASE not forget the importance of treating ourselves with kindness and affection. Tupac said it best when he exclaimed “Don’t cheat yourself, instead treat yourself!” There are so many little (and big!) ways we can show ourselves some love, and sometimes we all need a little reminder that self-appreciation and the simple art of giving ourselves a break once in a while can work magic.

And maybe we’ll all realize that there’s just too much unconditional love to keep it contained in one day! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every day we all made a conscious decision to tell/show the people in our lives on a regular basis just how much they mean to us? Sounds like a perfect plan, I think…

Goodness me! SO much writing! I just don’t feel quite right about having so much text with no images (that’s the Art Historian in me, maniacally drowning, not waving [did I mention I also studied English Literature and Philosophy?]), so here’s a photo from yesterday. Think of it as a little taste of what’s to come in V-Day, Part II



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