workin’ it

I’m working on some fun collaborations right now with some really top-notch individuals and companies. Stay tuned for more developments…. From now on, I’ll post extra information on collaborations in my new Collaboration Station section.

This weekend, I’m doing flowers for a lookbook photo shoot (soon to be blasted all over the pages of Pinterest, I’m sure!) The shoot is tomorrow, so I’m spending today sourcing materials: farmers’ markets for flowers, and thrift shops for some new vases/containers. Definitely gonna pop some tags! Here’s the color scheme I’m working with:



Yes, I used this opportunity to pick up paint chips at the hardware store. I’ve always loved paint chips, especially the names of the colors! I could really go for living in a house painted in Pineapple Delight, Grape Sorbet, Banana Peel, Calamine, Broadway Curtain, and Greek Villa. Yes, it might bear a passing resemblance to Pee Wee’s Playhouse, but I accept that. I also like that they’re free… Just like so many of the most wonderful things in life!

Always love rocking out with Stevie… Hope you all have a very happy Saturday!


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