In like a Lion!

Hellooooo March! March is my birthday month AND it brings the beginning of Spring, so it’s always held a special place in my heart. In one week from today, I’ll be turning 30…! So basically, in a week, I’ll feel exactly the same as I do right now, but my age will once more be divisible by 10. So … woohoo! Actually, I’m quite excited about it. It feels like a fresh start at a time when I’m ready to leap into a new decade! (in related news, I LOVE this article by Olivia Wilde about turning the Big 3-0, or as she calls it, the “Cut the Bullsh-t and Go Be Awesome stage”! Hell freakin YEAH! Please read it if you haven’t already. And if you have already, read it again. It’s quite inspiring and super funny!)

There’s an old adage that says “March comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb,” in reference to the changeover from Winter to Spring that happens during this month. For the most part, weather in San Diego is mild, to say the least. But this weekend is doing its very best to live up to that saying, and succeeding Like a BOSS! Thunderstorms all over the place, and I may have heard a rumor about hail… Anyway, compared to a lot of other places, it’s practically picnic weather, but for us, it’s Winter (finally)! We don’t have a lot of opportunities to relish being wrapped up in blankets with tea/coffee/hot chocolate/booze (whichever you like), and I, for one, am lazing the weekend away… Like a (somewhat sedentary) boss….

Last weekend, I worked on a photo shoot with Graffiti Beach, an awesome boutique in South Park. The theme was “Indie wedding”, and I was able to do wildflower-y bouquets and arrangements for the shoot in Balboa Park (one of the coolest parts of San Diego, and a photography dream!) It was such a fun collaboration, and I’m hoping to do more of that kind of thing in the future. Here are some of my own photos from the shoot. I’ll make sure to share the professional ones as soon as they’re available…


One of the arrangements in mid-preparation. I did several like this in vintage silver (and pewter) containers. You can see the little flower frog in the middle at the bottom of the container, with the stems stuck onto it.


Packed and ready to go on an adventure!


ready and waiting… (get used to it, flowers. Models spend a lot of time just waiting around. At least, that’s what Tyra tells me)


bucket o’ flowers


The first set-up with the vintage silver




And a couple more variations… 



I always love flowers in the hair…



Great Success!


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