notes from faraway lands

First and foremost, I’d like to say that I’m overjoyed to be featured on the ever-fabulous Australian lifestyle site this week! I had a blast answering their list of questions about wedding flowers, being a florist, and other delightful things, and I’m so pleased with how it all turned out. You should definitely take a gander, if you haven’t yet! (and if you have, you should probably look again… just for kicks)

Second, I wanted to share some photos I took this past weekend at the San Diego Museum of Art’s Art Alive exhibition. Now in its 33rd year, this exhibition features floral arrangements inspired by works of art in the museum’s collection. As an Art Historian/Florist, I wouldn’t have forgiven myself if I had missed it. I wasn’t able to take photos of the individual arrangements (sad, because some of them were superduper cool!) but I took lots of the entrance hall and rotunda, which were decked out like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon in an homage to Spanish Colonial Architecture and the gardens of the Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain. It was like walking into an enchanted garden, or something out of Jumanji… I’ve always had a penchant for untamed indoor plants that seem to threaten to engulf brick & mortar in an exuberance of brightly-colored life, so this was a pretty delightful experience for me! In fact, I really should have just planted myself (ha! pun!) there all day and read, surrounded by the scents of roses, jasmine, and citrus blossoms and soaking it all in…. I suppose you now know where to find me this time next year… Right…. HERE:






Hi Bud! 🙂



the exterior of the museum & some bougainvillea

rose tints: the exterior of the museum & some bougainvillea



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