Hey, buds! Didja miss me?

Sorry ’bout the delay, but things have been CRAZYBUSY in my life for the past couple of months! For one, the holidays, and all that. I spent Christmas at home in sunny Pasadena (mainly in my pajamas), had a totally uncharacteristically-wild NYE in Hollywood (!!), and then road tripped through San Francisco/Yosemite/Sequoia with the family (they’re pretty awesome — I’ll keep ’em). But before the festive season could really begin, I packed up my belongings in San Diego, said many tearful goodbyes, and trucked everything 3 hours north to my parents’ house. There, it was unceremoniously dumped in my childhood bedroom, where it towered over me menacingly until I finally succumbed to sorting it… Why, you ask? Well, it was all in preparation for an impending move to the UK!

Which is where I am now.

It all happened quite quickly, but long story short, I’m now working in a Castle.

imagesFor realz.


So, while I’m settling into my new life, I’ll be taking a bit of a hiatus from the flower business. I will still be taking and posting photos of flowers, among many other things, so please follow me on Instagram, if you don’t already! I also spend quite a lot of time on Pinterest, so definitely look me up on there, too!

I’m also going to post some photos on here of events from last year that haven’t yet been featured… Hope you enjoy!


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