Flashback to 2014

So, it’s March… Who saw THAT one coming?? I mean, so quickly. Obviously we knew it was coming…

Some people like to have all their ducks in a row and do their neat little year’s recap in January. (Or even December! Is anyone actually that organized? My hat is off to you)

I like to march to the beat of my own drum… (The drum in question tends to wander off and get sidetracked for a little while, probably making daisy chains and singing to itself, before returning to the task at hand….Fun fact: those 2 activities right there are the main reason I was the least popular teammate on my kindergarten soccer team… )

ANYWAY, so here we are at the beginning of March, and the time seems just about right. I mean, March brings the beginning of Spring, and the tantalizing promise of bright colors and sunshine! Spring fever is at a fever pitch this time of year, so it really is quite the ideal time to show a bunch of photos of flowers. Also, it’s my birthday month, so I might be somewhat partial.

2014 was a good year for “Hey, Bud!” – I was lucky enough to work with some incredible people all over Southern California; I stopped using florist’s foam and experimented with other methods of making my flowers stay where I put them; and I ultimately made the decision to move a long way away from my beloved Golden State … It’s really more of a love/hate relationship, but it’s currently hailing outside my window in England, so today it’s lovetumblr_lhb97j8ZPQ1qbxbvho1_500

The photos below haven’t been posted yet. I decided to focus on these, because it didn’t seem to make much sense to repost the ones that I’ve already written about. Feel free to keep scrolling down and check out the older posts!

Mother’s Day

This post is particularly timely — Now that I’m living in the UK, I have to get used to ‘Mothering Sunday’ in mid-March, instead of ‘Mother’s Day’ in May. (Real Talk — moms are so awesome that they should really get recognized every day!) Bonus: Mother’s Day cards on sale at the end of March, which leaves plenty of time for me to buy, write, and send to MY awesome mom by May. (See mom, told you there was at least one benefit of me moving so far away!)

I spent Mother’s Day, 2014 May edition with my mom in Pasadena — I put her to work helping me with flowers for other moms! IMG_6286






Mingei International Museum – Mingei Fusion Event

The Mingei is a really cool museum right in the heart of San Diego’s Balboa Park, which is truly one of the best places in the whole city! (those of you with keen eyes might recognize it from the Graffiti Beach Indie Wedding Lookbook)




The Mingei Fusion event in June 2014 had delicious food, fantastic music, and LOTS of chocolate. Once I added the flowers, it was basically heaven








Dîner en Blanc

If there is an annual “white dinner” that happens in your city (or a city near you), I highly recommend attending! Dîner en Blanc is basically a flash mob picnic, started in Paris 25 years ago. It has spread to many major cities, and I joined some friends for the 3rd San Diego installation, held at the newly renovated Waterfront Park. You bring your own food, tables, chairs, and decorations. Oh yeah, and everyone has to wear white from head to toe…!






C’est moi!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little spell of time traveling, buds! I’ll write again soon… In the meantime, check out my frequently-updated Instagram feed (@juliaisyourbud)

Later, gators! ❤


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