playing catch-up

I made a whole heap of arrangements this holiday season, and haven’t had a chance to share them yet… SO I’m going to start doing so now!

These are some that I did for a family friend in Pasadena. I love the amenities {and weather, duh!} of Southern California, and availability of pretty much any flower at the LA Flower Mart… My client gave me a list of colours she liked, and the number and type of arrangements, and I just picked up whatever looked interesting!

The process:


I made 4 small arrangements that could be placed throughout the house and moved as often as they liked…


And one large one for the dining room table

The results:









I used Hydrangeas, Orchids, Tuberose, Delphiniums, Queen Anne’s Lace, Dahlias, Rosemary, some kind of red berry {whoops, don’t know the name…}, and natural & silver-painted Eucalyptus {which I was skeptical about, but ended up kind of liking!}

Many thanks and hugs to my brother for the use of his fancypants camera!


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